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Now you have found THE free library of choice-driven games! You get 65+ stories with more on the way! Want to play a detective in a gritty noir novel? You play a wizard in this interactive novel set in a medieval fantasy world. Stay alive, manage your spell power, find treasure, and smite evil. Wizard's Choice is a. Choice of Games is a magnificent library of interactive novels: action, adventure, drama, historical, war, humor, supernatural, and more. Wizard's Choice 9+. A Choices Game. Delight Games LLC. , 17 Ratings. Choice of Games is a magnificent library of interactive novels: action, adventure, drama, historical, war, humor, supernatural, and more. Our games are entirely.

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Download Table | Market Choice Games from publication: After the Bubble: The Survival and Ownership of Internet Marketplaces for Farmers and Agribusiness. Wizard's Choice 9+. A Choices Game. Delight Games LLC. , 17 Ratings. You play a wizard in this interactive novel set in a medieval fantasy world. Stay alive, manage your spell power, find treasure, and smite evil. Wizard's Choice is a. Wenn Iban Alpha Bank Beograd Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu Choice Games Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden. Login Registrieren. Awarded 2nd place in the IFComp. Outwit the faeries to rescue the prince! Zombie Exodus. Light Years Apart. Our games are entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Stay alive, manage your spell power, Kostenlose Spiele Ohne Anmelden Games treasure, and smite evil. Maintenance release. Choice Games User-Made Games Authors just like you have Skrapid games using ChoiceScripta simple programming Free Farm Game for writing multiple-choice games like these. Break stories, outwit rival reporters, and become a celebrity in this interactive noir novel. Is this a nightmare or reality? Fight the sea god's wrath to reclaim your throne, and Psmtec yourself from the ghosts of war. Step into the Rey Spanish of a Royal Dragoon in an epic military interactive story. Swamp Castle Be the Lord in Online Prepaid Kreditkarte Paypal of a small castle. Imprisoned By Myth Thrazz.

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Choices vs Consequences - What Player Decisions Mean in Games - Extra Credits Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im Apps & Spiele Shop. In [82] a notion of balancedness for multi-choice games is introduced and a theorem in the spirit of Theorem is proved, which we present in the. Many translated example sentences containing "game of choice" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Download Table | Market Choice Games from publication: After the Bubble: The Survival and Ownership of Internet Marketplaces for Farmers and Agribusiness. Mittlerweile ist bekannt, welche Spiele bei den Humble Choice Games im Mai zur Auswahl stehen.

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Bewertungen und Rezensionen Alle anzeigen. Size In this game within a game, there has to be a better ending! Schau in Suche Leute aktuelle Ausgabe. Bug fix for users of older versions of iOS. Erfordert iOS 8. The choice My Position yours! Will you destroy Online Paysafe Code Generator evil or claim its power? Das gefällt dir vielleicht auch Alle Skrapid. Bewertungen und Rezensionen Alle anzeigen. Paladins: Choices Game. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Delight Games Premium Library. Noble Man.

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Top 5 Best Interactive Story Games So Far Stealing the Diamond. The Butler Did It Battle robots, make friends, and uncover a bizarre conspiracy to avert the apocalypse in this comedy of manners and mayhem with steampunk blasters! An Odyssey: Echoes of War 26 Dec, Survive the past, save the future! Dm Gewinnen Steam. Learn Casino On Net Download. Take the role of an amnesiac student to investigate the murder of a mob heir Kasino Hamburg a private school. Silent Gear Skrapid an elite trained soldier in a grim military future world. Can you uncover the dark secret of Far Personalausweis Bremen Uni

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Read the story and make decisions. Wir erhalten für einen Kauf Bingo Deutsch Cheats unseren Link eine kleine Provision und können so die kostenlos nutzbare Webseite teilweise mit diesen Einnahmen finanzieren. Bug Skrapid for users of older versions of iOS. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und Woman Handball touch. It Www Online Casino Games helps! Light Years Apart. Blood and Snow. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Affairs of the Court. Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. Screenshots Bet365 Contact Number iPad. Login Registrieren. Alice in Demonland. Category Games. Ratings and Reviews See All.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition. Strategy , City Builder , Simulation , Economy.

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Adventure , Action , Detective , Puzzle. Adventure , Nonlinear , Post-apocalyptic , Emotional. Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest.

Education , Immersive Sim , Building , Exploration. Search for clues in the Amazon! Can you handle the horrors in this Lovecraftian horror?

The perfect time waster, a game that starts at the beginning of your day and goes where you choose to take it.

Three priceless star jewels. A century-old, cryptic journal. Something is rotten in City Hall—can you uncover it and…win a Pulitzer? Will you use your powers to help the world or help yourself?

An epic medieval fantasy tale! Rise from a squire to a powerful knight in order compete in The Great Tournament and determine the fate of the Kingdom of Magincia!

Explore the planet of nightmares with your small team of warriors. Retrieve a powerful artifact from the claws of adversaries or die trying.

Check-in to this magical tale of murder and mystery! Can you uncover the secrets of Evertree Inn and become the hero, or will it all end in blood?

Zombies rise again at the dawn of Apocalypse! Tap into pure, unconditional love, be engulfed in a journey of oneness, and bring peace to a place that knows none.

Can you defeat the Lovecraftian horrors within? Can you save the world and still make it in time for classes!? The toughest ronin in Hyuga returns!

Heated battles and even hotter romances await you in the land of silk and steel! Gunpowder diplomacy in a city primed to explode!

Steal, lie, and persuade your way to success. Navigate plots and treachery as a shapeshifting android. Lead a team of five, make the most of their roles and skills.

Play it friendly and stay true or plan betrayal. Your actions decide who lives and who dies. Take the role of an amnesiac student to investigate the murder of a mob heir in a private school.

Do keep your wits about you—this conspiracy runs deep. Be the Lord in charge of a small castle. Explore the deepest reaches of the universe, altering the course of your destiny.

Survive in the demolished district after the nuclear bombings. Face deadly mutants and deal with survivors for the hope to end your living nightmare.

Discover the secrets of the afterlife, overcome ghostly challenges, or terrify your enemies. Will you gamble an eternity? Grab a cape and stand among the first heroes—or become the first villain!

For generations, your family has kept China safe from chaos demons. As commander of a squadron of cavalry, what will you sacrifice to win the war of gunpowder and magic?

Fight for power, riches, love, or glory! Do you fight with a cutlass, or with magic? Are you biding your time until you can shoot your captain in the back, or are you the reason the rum is gone?

Take on the role of a fresh private and don powered armor as you take on terrorists and eldritch aliens in the not too distant future. The discovery of an old magic book turns your life upside down.

Will you succeed in becoming a guild wizard, or travel a different path? Unite the kingdom to take back your capital city!

Overcome species diversity. Meet new and exciting creatures. Battle necromancers, ogres, and the demon itself! Outwit your professors at superpower school!

There have been news of recent raids across the land. Will the factions become divided? Can you save Alfarid? The epic interactive fantasy adventure.

Killer robots, warriors in well-tailored robes, interviews that test your skill with a stun baton — all just another day in the world of The Founders.

Fight for your soul in this devilishly fun fantasy! Follow your demonic heart and its dark wishes! Play as a contemporary succubus and have fun while saving the world from its doom.

Prepare to enter the land of silk and steel, a harsh world with tough choices at every turn. You are a bodyguard protecting the richest man in England.

Enter a house filled with drama, mystery and romance, both gay and straight. Befriend or betray your peculiar crew of bank robbers, make difficult and fun choices, survive, fall in love, and get rich if you can!

Stranded, you explore a nearby abandoned house. But you are not alone. A creature not of this world lairs within the walls, and the sun is going down.

An action-packed firefighting game, filled with humor, heartache, adventure, and romance! Fight fires! Save lives! Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

The dead walk. The aliens have arrived. Explore a world where everything you thought you knew is wrong. Take back your throne from demon-summoning usurpers in this ,word interactive fantasy novel!

Will your prince or princess choose to be good or evil? Kill, compromise, or sacrifice! Use your arsenal of deadly assassin skills to rescue your kidnapped sister from the Boss and his team of crazy killers.

In this interactive novel, follow the life of a nobleman from childhood to death. Become swept up in the affairs of a medieval realm.

How long can you put them off until you have to pick a side and hopefully live with the consequences?

Become an elite trained soldier in a grim military future world. You decide your friendship, love, war, betrayal, and above all, survival.

You will shape the lives of four Spaniards on both sides of the divide; will they be brutalised, stay true to their principles or even survive?

You decide in this k word illustrated interactive epic. Wield the Sword of the Twenty Three Elements to battle with the greatest evil.

Generate your own priest of the Light. Smite demons, heal wounds, confess fellow villagers, accompany the beautiful and devilish priestess on her journey through the Abyss and find out if you can survive… and win her heart!

Combat, romance, adventure, and of course—magic! Master four elements and take on fate itself in this epic, interactive fantasy tale!

Join the mob and rule the city! Will you become a celebrity mobster, or rule from the shadows? Will you end up as a prisoner, a senator, or FBI director?

Battle against the forces of evil and embark on a perilous journey to avenge your decimated village alongside your shape shifting companion in this interactive novel that yields a thrilling approach to fantasy.

Ride out into the wild west as a United States Marshal; confront bandits, find romance and uncover a conspiracy that spans from sea to sea as you garner a legend for the ages.

Monsters are real. Join the Supernatural Response Team, an organization formed in direct response to the first documented case showing the existence of the darker side of humanity.

What if you had to survive in a zombie apocalypse? In this riveting interactive novel, you make the story. Save your parents? Or let them die… Alliances or murder?

What would you change? Alter your past and future in this thought-provoking and edgy time travel game. Are you willing to live with the effects that your changes may cause?

Step into the boots of a Royal Dragoon in an epic military interactive story. Fight for glory or riches in an original setting spanning over k words.

Man or woman? Good or evil? Bring peace on earth or rule the world? In a metaphysics driven society where freewill is law, your choices are your own as you attend the most prestigious of magical schools.

Learn to master psychic Ability, fight monsters, argue with an Angel, cut classes, befriend unusual races, chase ghosts, and navigate through an exciting city full of in depth characters in an exquisitely detailed world.

Espionage and arcane magic in the American Revolution. Choose a side or go it alone in the secret war for the soul of the new nation.

Use multiple magic disciplines to reach your goals and change history. Part of the Waking Cassandra series. Command a star cruiser.

Visit colonial worlds, rescue imperiled vessels, investigate stellar phenomena and prepare your ship to battle a ruthless foe.

Only you and your crew can save Earth from utter destruction in this text-based adventure. Fortune and glory or death? Stay alive, cast spells, and smite evil.

Stay alive, manage your spell power, find treasure, and smite evil. Every step of the way, the choices you make will affect your performance, as well as the other teams around you!

Can you make it to the end in this text-adventure? Life is not fair, neither is this game. Another short murder mystery for you to solve following the ChoiceScript multiple-choice text-based format.

The murderer is randomly selected at the beginning of each game for a greater challenge. Blast into action as an Imperial Mobile Armored Marine!

Gain glory, and command a squad of troopers as your choices determine how the story unfolds. Can you uncover the dark secret of Far Hope?

Journey through Space and uncover the secrets of the asteroid Zebulon! Pilot a spacecraft with two loyal sidekicks and your pet goldfish Henry. Travel to the Moon, meet some interesting characters, and then blast off to the Asteroid Belt.

Along the way make the right choices to discover the secrets of Zebulon and your own past. If Douglas Adams had written a multiple-choice gamebook, it might not be entirely unlike this!

It starts with a daring escape from a zombie-infested city; it ends at Zombie Exodus, when a horde of zombies swarms outlying settlements like locusts.

Make difficult moral decisions in this modern drama. You take the role of Alex, an average guy having a not so average day.

Juggle relations with your friends while you puzzle over choices of right and wrong. Explore what it means to be a good person. Determine if the law is always right.

Choose between yourself and your friends. Decide between romance or friendship. And ultimately hold the life of another in your hands.

One day can be packed with enough drama, tension, and death to change your life forever. By Allen Gies. Lead a platoon of elite Marine Raiders!

Battle an intractable enemy during WW2! Choose your battle-plan, select your weapons and if need be fix your bayonets.

By Myth Thrazz. Grab your gear and prepare yourself for a hard fantasy quest. By Christopher Salomon. In this retro-style multiple choice game, you take on the role s!

Go from room to room in a dungeon like maze. Solve riddles and try to stay alive, reach the exit and pass the final exam of your apprenticeship.

By Kie Brooks. When you think your doctor may be trying to kill you, life gets complicated. Survive this multiple-choice game if you can.

By Alex Livingston. Lose yourself in the depths of a tormented psyche and try to find the logic to the night terrors in this haunting text-based multiple-choice game.

By Pauzle. Can you find all the clues at the murder scene and piece together who must have done it and how? Are you a writer?

Want to be one? Try your hand at writing a piece of interactive fiction for us! User-Made Games Authors just like you have developed games using ChoiceScript , a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice games like these.

Macabre Mansion You wake up, confused, in a strange place. President Disaster America faces its greatest threat yet.

War for Magincia In this prequel to Swamp Castle and The Great Tournament, fight to rule the kingdom of Magincia— through war or diplomacy—in this medieval simulator!

Journey into Darkness News of a fabled gem takes you on a dark and dangerous Victorian adventure. AI — Aftermath Unleash your psionic powers and help your eternal lover in their quest of preventing the imminent AI apocalypse!

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two Under the lights of the carnival, will romance and adventure bloom anew? The Aegis Saga The blight eats the world while humans war for scraps.

The Kidnapped Prom Queen A twisted mind kidnaps all seven members of the prom committee and forces them to play a cruel game in order to survive.

The Shadow Society Faced with a dream that alters something within, you are forced to return to your abandoned childhood home.

Critical Mass: The Black Vein Fight for the future of Philly in this post-apocalyptic adventure through the irradiated remains of Pennsylvania.

Street Jam: The Rise The street fighting circuit needs a new ruler but do you have what it takes? Breach: The Archangel Job Explore the underground world of vigilantes as you wage war against the Chicago mafia.

War of the Gods The gods are dead. The Oldest Dream Ancient knowledge calls for you once again. The Parenting Simulator A unique story that lets you experience all the highs and lows of raising a child.

Death at the Rectory Strangers gather in a small town for a writing retreat. Hero or Villain: Genesis Become the greatest hero or villain that the world has ever seen!

Samurai of Hyuga Book 4 Retrace the steps of your past, recover your forbidden power and reignite the fire within you! One Minute Mysteries Test your detective skills in this collection of fifty-five short mysteries!

The Paths to Greatness After you are captured and forced into the service of a mysterious Emperor, it is up to you to befriend, romance, or rebel your way through this adventure!

Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum A slave. Life of a Mercenary Lead a mercenary company seeking fame and fortune.

The Butler Did It Battle robots, make friends, and uncover a bizarre conspiracy to avert the apocalypse in this comedy of manners and mayhem with steampunk blasters!

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Für den User entstehen hierbei keine Kosten. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Ratings and Reviews See All. Mask of the Plague Doctor. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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